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We take pride in baking Artisan Breads for our retail and wholesale customers in the Comox Valley for the past 37 years. We believe that bread should be enjoyed fresh so we created half loaves in some of our more popular varieties ideal for the smaller families or seniors. All of our breads and buns are handcrafted and baked fresh daily using high quality natural ingredients. Choose from a wide selection of breads, buns and rolls.

Special Note:

During 2011 we reduced the salt content in all of our bread products by more than 25% through reformulation and the use of products like Himalayan salt. We continue to strive for healthier products through refinement of all our recipes.

Wheat Free? We offer  breads and buns made from non wheat flour sources that are certified as "non-glutinous". These are  freshly baked on Fridays . We use a blend of these certified gluten-free flours: Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Chana Flour, Sorghum Flour, and Cassava flour to enhance the texture and flavour of these breads. Please let us know your specific dietary needs.

Wheat or Grain Sensitivities? We offer 100% organic spelt bread and 100% organic spelt flax bread.

Yeast Sensitivities? Using natural spelt sour, we offer a yeast free 100% spelt bread that tastes great!

Diabetic? Try our low carbohydrate bread made with soya protein flour. There are only 3.5 grams of digestible carbs in every slice.

Daily Specials in-house and online. Take advantage of our Daily Specials when you come in to Grains or go on-line anytime for weekly web special coupons.

Our goal is to have you find a special something that makes your day better.
Try our daily baked breads and buns and discover your own favourites.

All breads and buns at GRAINS are handcrafted Sodium Reduced and Trans Fat Free.

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