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Grains Closes Sept.15, 2017

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Sept. 18 to October 12


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Take Out or Sit In

Enjoy the sun or sit in the shade of a Cedar tree. Relax indoors and meet with friends or co-workers for a cup of coffee, espresso or lunch. All our lunch offerings are pre-made, fresh daily, allowing you to have a healthy "Dash & Go" lunch or sit back and relax as long as you want.

Watch for tasty updates!

Breakfast at Grains:

  • Fresh brewed coffee, tea or maybe something from the espresso bar
  • Breakfast Sandwiches: try our grilled breakfast sandwiches - two great favourites – traditional ham, potato, egger or a western omelette on a jalapeno cheddar bagel
  • Toast and Jam or Bagel n’ Cream Cheese
  • Fresh baked sausage rolls, curry pockets and samosas
  • Spinach and Feta Quiche
  • Breakfast Bearito's for the hungriest worker.

Lunch at Grains:

Soup & Bun: Our hardy soups are made daily using authentic meat or vegetarian stock. Our soups are light on the salt and we do not use preservatives, thickeners or artificial flavourings. Our goal is to provide a vegetarian soup choice every day. All broth soups aregluten-free

Sandwiches: Our gourmet sandwiches are pre-made daily on bread fresh from our oven. In order to give you a sulphite free alternative, we oven roast our own beef and pork. All sandwiches are made with special mayo’s to give an added zip! Try our grilled panini or grilled Montreal smoked meat on Swirl Rye.

Entrees: Our entrées are made on the premises by our own chef using fresh ingredients. All entrée choices include fresh greens with a side of our own preservative and additive free salad dressings. Like the weather, our entrées change seasonally. Every season there is a least one entrée that is gluten-free.

Salads and More:

Each day our Chef prepares special salads, meat pies and tasty wraps to add to our abundant selection. We make sure these are kept fresh by making small amounts that go quickly each day.

Drink Menu items include:

Whether it is cold drinks from our cooler, hot espresso drinks, Italian sodas or matcha tea lattes you’ll find it here!

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