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Grains Closes Sept.15, 2017

Reno's begin

Sept. 18 to October 12


Thank you All!



We've Expanded ..... Campbell River Project Underway!


Effective Feb 4 our Comox Valley operation launched into a Commercial / Wholesale

support to the Food Services needs for fresh baked Artisan products in

Campbell River / Willow Point and Black Creek areas.

A short 25 miles / 45 kms. to the north of us our close neighbors in Campbell River

were left without the Plaza Bakery that had been servicing their daily needs for 40yr.

By invitation we swung into action and are currently shipping Monday, Wednesday

and Fridays to the Restaurants, Schools, Resorts and Stores of the Campbell River

& Willow Point area.

The earnest efforts of all have resulted in a fairly smooth transition for most and the

minor adjustments necessary are being well reviewed with an eye to bolstering the

current efforts before the spring - summer seasonal tourist "bloom" comes on.


If you are one of these folks from CR please let us know your needs.

Its quite exciting to see the opportunity for us and for the folks of Campbell River

as we deliver the wide variety of Grains' Artisan Daily Bread's to a bigger patronage.

Gluten Free Fresh Baked Products

April 25th, 2014

Welcome to our ongoing effort to provide our wide range of customers with true "gluten-free" products that provide a fresh, healthy selection to each persons dietary sensitivities. During the past four years we have succeeded not only in developing our own recipes full of the best certified " gluten-free" ingredients; we have provided the broadening customer base with truly healthy options made in a local environment to the latest of Canadian Food Inspection Standards. Our efforts focus on producing these products with our customers' best interests in mind.

To that end we are constantly "tweaking" and finessing our handcrafting of the breads, buns, shells and sweets that we produce.

FYI: Gluten free relates to the removing of any source of gluten from the bread and bun making process. In order to provide a healthy, tasty “bread” product without wheat, the key gluten contributor to breads, much effort was needed to get the right combination of flours and baking components.

All of the ingredients we use to produce our "gluten-free" products are Certified 100% Gluten Free. Suppliers are required to provide written proof if certification before we purchase these products.

Our results incorporate brown rice, tapioca, potato, and chana (chick pea) flours along with Xanthum Gums, gluten free sugar, salt, canola oil, and water to ensure the best taste in our gluten free finished product. We produce these breads and buns during a production shift that is completely separated from our regular bakery operations and ensure that all the equipment is dedicated to gluten free production. From mixing equipment to baking pans each item is not exposed to ingredients that have any gluten content. When we serve the products our staff use a dedicated slicer for all gluten free breads.

In light of the new CFIA (August 2012) ruling on the use of the term "gluten-free" we have provided our regularly made product for testing and received very complimentary results. We exceed the standards by some significant measure according to the Food laboratory.

Come on in and try one of our new gluten-free breads, sweets or order up a gluten free cake for your special occasion.

No "Day Olds", so where do they go?

March 5th, 2010

Most days we have little left on our shelves by days end. As a part of our commitment to the community what is left over is sent off to the food bank or one of the small local stores in the community. In this way our daily breads never become waste or leftovers. As part of our ongoing community support we supply bread and bun products to many charitable organizations and fundraiser events. In addition to this we have a “no tipping” policy; it is our pleasure to serve our customers. When we do receive tips and gratuities our staff collect them and pass them on to some of the local community charities or projects. This gives us all a warm, encouraging feeling of making a personal commitment as a family, to our community.

Welcome to our brand new "old" place.

March 5th, 2010

Grains Bakery is a concept that Bernadette brought into being with the help of several highly qualified construction professionals along with the special assistance of the Product Specialists at Dawn Foods. In 2005 the transformation of the bakery took place. The 25 plus years as a Bunsmaster were tucked away and the new, warm, friendly “Big Red Barn” emerged replete with cedar beams, stone walls and a weather vane on top. Inside the front door customers were welcomed to a new “old” place. Open beams and antique tables, rustic shelving and bright display cases brought a whole new line of artisan baking to our customers: prepared fresh each day and served to perfection. 


Monday March 27, 7:30 pm.......... Bakery Fire!

For 40 years Grains (early years as Bunsmaster) Bakery has stood quietly at 445 10th Street, just a long block north of the Courtenay Fire Hall had gone about supplying the Comox valley/Surrounding Islands with wonderful daily breads and buns. Always well staffed with dedicated folks the business served the community uninterrupted by the many typical issues ...rain, snow, flood, water advisories, staff sickness etal.......

In a quiet period of the season, on a typical afternoon shift period our "staff on shift": Nathan, Wendy and Adam acted without hesitation to smell out a problem , call in the Fire Department, alert us and safely leave the building. Minutes later the CFD had two trucks in position and entered the building where a fire in progress was contained inside an Oven Flue vent. Careful attention and quick action by the CFD team limited the damage to ceiling coverage, roof tin removal. The fire successfully put out we cleaned up a small amount of water and debris and set about to get back in business.

Friday, April 7. After a 10 day recovery process that can only be described as miraculous, Grains bakery has been showered with trades folks, cleaners, insurers, customer support beyond and beyond!!

To ALL who see this, to ALL who brought it back together we, Bernadette, and Michael give our deepest thanks and blessings.

Tomorrow and onward..... with a sense of spirit that can only be earned.

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