Who We Are

Grains Bakery & Bistro is owned and operated by Bernadette and Michael Pitcher. Renovated in 2006 we’ve embraced an old time country atmosphere inside and out. As you approach Grains you see a red Granary structure, complete with a weather vane topping the roof cupola. The exterior entrance features west coast cedar beams and a wrought iron gate, inviting you in.

Our dream, put simply, is to make a difference in the lives of our customers, employees, suppliers and the community. We believe we are better together. Whether you are a customer, employee, supplier or living in our community we believe in serving one another with laughter, generosity, kindness and helpfulness.

Our Customers We seek to give our customers healthy eating choices with fresh baking and cooking that tastes great. We enjoy serving you with fun and a smile. We want you to know that we appreciate you and we hope you leave feeling that you’re glad you came.

Our Employees We strive to inspire a working atmosphere where our employees can express their passion for food in a fun, energetic, respectful and safe environment. We want our employees at the end of their day to be glad they came to work.

Our Community We want to be part of a healthy, growing and vibrant community. We support local community events and contribute with enthusiasm and generosity. We’re proud of our community and we hope people say they’re glad Grains Bakery is part their community.

Site Design and Development:  Havers Design and Formulate